Aspen Fuel Benefits

What Is Aspen?

We recommend Aspen fuel for use with all the petrol machines we sell at Bartram Mowers. We’re an Aspen service centre, which means we use Aspen fuel in all our services, and we sell it from both our depots. We’re aware that many of our customers might not have come across Aspen before, so this page is designed to provide information about the Aspen to our customers.

    Benefits of Aspen

  • Better for your engine
  • Better for users
  • Better for the environment
  • Stores for 3-5 years, about ten times longer than regular petrol
  • Available in a pre-mix for use in two-stroke machines and without oil for four-stroke machines

Alkylate Petrol

Aspen Fuel Aspen is a brand name of Alkylate petrol, which can be used instead of fuel from petrol station pumps. ‘But why not just use petrol from a station pump?’ we hear you ask. Well, Alkylate helps to keep your engine cleaner, and gives better running protection, performance, and an improved service life. Have you ever gone to use your lawnmower after a holiday, or forgotten to drain the petrol before winter storage and found that the engine won’t start? While the petrol in pumps is perfectly good for larger engines like the ones you’d find on a car or a motorbike, for use with smaller engines such as the ones you find on a lawnmower, a cleaner fuel (such as Aspen) is much more effective.

Aspen lasts approximately 10 times longer than regular petrol, and can be stored for up to five years without losing quality. This means that if your machine is going to be used periodically, or you store it over the winter, you’ll be able to leave the Aspen in the machine and start easily when it comes to next use. In fact, many manufacturers recommend that only alkylate petrol is used with their engines.

Carburettor damage caused by ethanol fuel
Carburettor damage can be caused by using fuel with ethanol in small engines.
Regular petrol typically contains between 5 and 10% ethanol, while Aspen doesn’t contain any. In cars, ethanol reduces fuel mileage, and it can even damage the fuel system if the engine it’s used with isn’t specifically designed for it (which many smaller engines won’t be). Carburettor seals, fuel lines and valves can all fail prematurely when they’re not designed for use with alcohol, which is one of the reasons we see such a good uptake of Aspen for use with garden machinery.

Another benefit of Aspen fuel is that alkylate petrol is actually much better for the environment (and the user) than regular petrol. The fuel contains 99% less hydrocarbons than the fuel you buy at the petrol station, which means that the exhaust fumes are cleaner, and health risks are reduced. Aspen fuel has been labelled as harmful, while unleaded pump fuel is labelled as toxic. Regular petrol contributes to the formation of ground level ozone (not the good type) while Aspen gives out a far reduced amount of the substances which cause this. In fact, when compared with premium unleaded petrol, Aspen fuel emissions contain significantly reduced amounts of each of the hazardous emissions which are a by-product of fuel combustion.

Aspen 2 or Aspen 4?

Aspen 2If you own a two-stroke chainsaw, hedge trimmer or strimmer, you’ll know that you need to mix oil and petrol together for use in your machine. This can be a bit of a fiddle, and you can easily run out of one or the other and therefore not be able to refill your machine. Aspen 2 is a pre-mixed fuel, with a 50:1 mix of synthetic oil for use with two-stroke engine. Fill your engine with Aspen 2 and you’ll be ready to go.

Aspen 4 is pure alkylate petrol with no oil added which can be used with any four-stroke machine such as lawnmowers.

You can still use Aspen if you’ve used regular petrol in the past. While there might be existing damage to the fuel pipes and valves caused by the regular petrol, Aspen will not cause more engine damage because it is so much cleaner. You can start using Aspen straight away, even if you’ve already got regular petrol left in the tank.

Aspen 2 and Aspen 4 can be purchased from Bartram Mowers in either Norwich or Ipswich. If you’re looking to use Aspen with a fleet of machinery, please get in touch and we can discuss the benefits and provide quotations.

Aspen can be purchased from Bartram Mowers