Bartram Mowers Utility Vehicles

Utility Vehicles

Utility vehicles have been around for a long time now, ensuring that all manner of business, commercial and leisure users can go about their duties with enhanced mobility and increased productivity. The forms and designs of these machines have changed over the years, yet the basic functions remain the same, to ensure that any job started is done properly, and completed with as little downtime and disturbance as possible. At Bartram Mowers, we believe that both the Cushman and EZ-GO brands offer by far the best value and performance available in an extremely competitive market place.

Utility vehicles can earn their keep in a great variety of environments, from the golf course to the construction site, and are capable of carrying very heavy loads (up to 544kg) of both people and supplies. Petrol, diesel and electric versions are available in different body styles to cater for all possible applications, and depending on what power supply is used, can be adapted to transport VIPs across airport infields or golfing buddies from one tee to the next, yet also fully functional at hauling fence posts and animal feed across rural terrain on farms and estates. The latter usage is surely where diesel power and 4×4 transmission will almost certainly be the preferred options at the time of purchase, where increased traction and the undeniable torque of diesel engines ensuring that there a re no excuses for getting stuck in the mud ever again.

We feel that we can offer the very best range of electric buggies, modern utility and all terrain vehicles, suitable for commercial users, golf course facilities and anywhere that road legal vehicles are not required. The stock available to us offers the biggest and most impressive choice in Norfolk and Suffolk, where we take great pride in ensuring that our installations fit the end users’ applications down to the very last detail.

Remember that Bartram Mowers are more than happy to offer FREE quotations and FREE demonstrations on virtually every piece of equipment we stock. If you have found a product that you feel is suitable for your particular application, please get in touch and our professional sales teams at our Norwich and Ipswich depots will be happy to help.