Trailer mounted spreaders

Trailer Mounted Spreaders

Wide-open areas or long stretches of tarmac require large-scale equipment to ensure thorough snow and ice clearance. To ensure this end result is achieved, SnowEx have developed the V-Maxx line of bed mount and trailer mounted spreaders for use with salt and grit. Designed to fit either on the back of large pick-ups or flat bed lorries, they can easily be converted to work from a trailer. Special features of the V-Maxx spreaders include full control of operations from the vehicle’s cockpit, heavy-duty construction throughout and, most conveniently of all, a quick connect-disconnect spinner unit that frees-up the truck’s tow-hitch when the spreader is bed mounted yet not in use. Essential for utilities companies and highway maintenance contractors is the knowledge that every grain of salt is being used properly; for this reason the Salt-Traxx from SnoxEx was developed. A salt usage management device, it can be programmed to record not only the amount of salt or grit used but also job route numbers, starts and stops on route and, most importantly of all, this information can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet for accurate record keeping.