Snow and ice control

Snow and Ice Control

There’s no doubt that snow and ice bring their fair share of disruption during the winter months and, like it or not, it has to be cleared away to ensure that business can continue as normal. A vast array of snow and ice control products is available to buy nowadays although the quality can vary considerably from one manufacturer to the next.

At Bartram Mowers we pride ourselves on only sourcing the best equipment for any one need, and for this reason alone we choose to sell SnowEx salt and grit vehicle mount, pedestrian, and trailer-mount spreaders to keep things moving in the worst of winter weather. If you run any sort of business to consumer concern, a school, university, office complex, shopping centre or mall, hospital, airport, warehouse or anywhere that pedestrian access is needed, ice and snow control is an obligation, not an option. Should conditions become particularly severe and necessitate the need of a snowplough, we can offer equipment to fit the most manoeuvrable of 2-wheeled tractor units to the largest ploughs suitable for agricultural and military applications.

Whether you know exactly what you need for your business, or you need some help to make the right decision, please get in contact with our sales team at either our Norwich or Ipswich depot.