Snow ploughs and blades

Ploughs and Blades

Before ice melt and grit can be applied to roads and pavements, deep snow needs to be removed as best as possible for the treatment product to be fully effective on the remaining snow and ice. This process is best achieved with a snowplough (blade) fitted to the front of a suitable vehicle. Your particular application will determine the size of plough necessary to remove sufficient quantities of snow in any one run. For areas with limited space such as gangways and pavements, the most suitable solution may be to use a 2-wheel tractor with a snow blade attachment. If your needs are much larger, full size ploughs will be the best solution. A top quality range of ploughs and blades are available from Lincolnshire based D.W.Tomlin including blades manufactured for every size of tractor, from compact to agricultural with accessories that include castor wheels and front linkages. Even out front riders and ride-on mowers are catered for, particularly useful if your main areas of concern are centred on stately homes and residential housing. Thanks to the comprehensive range offered by D.W Tomlin, we are able to provide ploughs and blades for virtually any situation and for any business need.

For more information on the ploughs and blades which can be purchased from Bartram Mowers, please contact us or visit one of our showrooms.