Walk behind pedestrian spreaders

Pedestrian Spreaders

Tight working conditions or sensitive areas where powered machinery can’t be used are the ideal domains for SnowEx pedestrian spreaders. Due to their compact design and tremendous manoeuvrability, the walk-behind or pedestrian spreader can be essential where the removal of snow and ice from walkways, pavements, forecourts or shop entrances is obligatory to avoid accident claims from slips and falls. It is possible to choose between conventional drop spreaders (when the precise application of treatment is necessary to avoid overspread and contamination of the immediate surroundings) or the farther-reaching spinner type spreader with adjustable flow gate to regulate the area covered and amount of ice-melt used. For locations that are difficult to clear, e.g. steps and stairways, a brine sprayer may be the better option than a salt spreader. The SnoxEx pedestrian brine sprayers are battery powered and supplied with a hand lance and flexi hose to ensure even the most awkward spots are not missed.

If you’re interested in purchasing SnowEx pedestrian spreaders, please get in touch with us or drop in to see us at our Norwich or Ipswich branch.