Parks cylinder mowers

Parks & Amenities Cylinder Mowers

One of the most important parts of our business concerns the many private and council run grounds maintenance teams who keep our local parks and green spaces in pristine condition. We take great pride in supplying them with the best equipment for their needs, in particular the vast array of parks cylinder mowers that they depend upon, week in and week out during the growing season. The many and varied applications that make up the amenities maintenance industry call for a wide range of machines to be available at a moments notice, whether it’s a walk behind cylinder mower capable of delivering the finest of finishes to the ornamental lawns of stately homes and public parks, or perhaps the bowling greens and tennis courts of a members club, requiring the tightest cut possible. If larger areas need to be regularly maintained to a high standard, roadside verges or community areas for example, we can install large out-front riders flexible enough to deal with both. The largest sports fields will need machinery capable of delivering a fine finish in quick time; this is where the largest riders with multiple cylinders are needed, or perhaps a PTO driven gang mower that attaches to a tractor unit will be more suitable. We always keep best Ransomes machinery in stock, ensuring our customers have access to the latest technology as it becomes available and we also enjoy complete dealership status, allowing us to sit on a vast array of spare parts, meaning we can react swiftly to unexpected breakdowns should they occur. Second-hand machinery is another speciality of ours, often the result of trade-ins for new installations; all used mowers are fully refurbished and in fine working order, a great investment for the contractor working to a budget.

Remember that Bartram Mowers are more than happy to offer no-obligation quotations and free demonstrations on virtually every piece of equipment we stock. If you have found a product that you feel is suitable for your particular application, please get in touch and our professional sales teams at our Norwich and Ipswich depots will be happy to help.