Bartram Mowers Electric Buggies

Electric Buggies

Electric buggies and utility vehicles have become indispensable tools to both the commercial and leisure industries over the last two decades, ousting their noisier petrol or diesel engine cousins into the shadows. The most familiar guise of these multi-purpose buggies is, of course, the golf cart, seen bustling its way about the fairways and greens of clubs all over the world. However, their range of uses exceeds a hum-drum existence on the golf course, they are equally at home within the industrial and commercial landscape where factories and manufacturing plants depend on them to transport bulky materials inter-site. The hospitality business makes extensive use of electric vehicles for a wide variety of tasks, from transporting guests and VIPs across airports, entertainment venues and stadiums, where they take on the form of personnel shuttles, to carrying drinks and refreshments at summer festivals as food and beverage carts.

The electric utility vehicles and golf buggies that we sell across the East Anglian region are from industry leading brands E-Z-GO and Cushman, who we feel offer the best equipment of this type in the world. We can supply these machines in a great variety of shapes and sizes depending on the customer’s particular application. Hauling vehicles with cargo-beds (such as the Cushman Hauler) that are capable of carrying heavy loads (544kg) are suited for any construction or maintenance project, big or small, whilst shuttle bodied machines that will seat 2 to 6 people are the first choice of business and security personnel.

The great advantages of electrically powered buggies are the low operating noise produced by them in combination with virtually no environmentally polluting emissions. These two factors make them highly suitable for any applications where the machines need to be used indoors or in sensitive areas where disturbance from noise is unacceptable. Rest assured that we would advise you on the best product for your particular needs and only install equipment that is totally fit for purpose.

Remember that Bartram Mowers are more than happy to offer free quotations and free demonstrations on electric buggies we stock. If you have found a product that you feel is suitable for your particular application, please get in touch and our professional sales teams at our Norwich and Ipswich depots will be happy to help.