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Introducing Derek (Ipswich’s Robotic Lawnmower!)


Bartram Mowers Ipswich would like to introduce their robotic mower. We like to call him Derek.

Derek is a Husqvarna Automower 450X. He loves to work in areas up to 5000 m² (±20) and inclines within this area of up to 24°.

A boundary wire is installed around the whole area to stop Derek wandering off. To stop it coming loose, this can either be buried or pegged down. If you need a little help, we can quote for Automower installations.

He can mow for 260 minutes on one charge and his typical charging time is 75 minutes.

He will cut the grass when it is sunny or raining in the daytime or while you are sleeping at night as he is very quiet.

We can keep an eye on his every move and tell him what to do from a smartphone App.

Sometimes Derek may be tucked away having a rest as we all need to charge our batteries during the day.

Please do not enter Derek’s enclosure without one of his keeper’s present. Although he will not harm you he will let off a high pitch scream if lifted up and cuddled and his keepers will be alerted via the App.

Sometimes Derek is treated to a trip out to visit people who would like to own their own Derek. He has met lots of people and made lots of new friends.

During the winter Derek has a well earned holiday and is packed off the warm climates of the workshop where he is pampered with a clean down, service and a software update.

There are a whole family of Automowers and Derek has several brothers and sisters so if you require any further information on what member of Derek’s family would suit your garden please speak to one of his Keepers (or try out the Automower lawn calculator).

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